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Who are we?

  This is where we're supposed to make you believe that we’re a management consulting firm that can help your business achieve all of your wildest dreams… blah blah blah.     

Here’s the deal… We are executives that have lead teams, groups and companies for 30+ years. Does that make us miracle workers?  Hardly.  But it does mean that we've seen a whole lot of challenges, (made a bunch of mistakes and learned from them) in order to find solutions to a lot of issues that business face everyday.   Whether you need Interim Executives, or help dealing with Change management... We can help. 

What we do?

    Depends on what you need.... We specialize in smaller mid market companies going through transformations. Whether its the result of a merger, a new round of funding, or simple organic growth we can help you evaluate your company and enable it to scale. From assessing your current state marketing, sales, delivery and support processes, technologies, and organizational structures, we help  find the choke points that prevent your business from scaling.   We also do a lot of work with cultural  transformation and can help develop, or reinforce healthy cultures affected by a large influx of new employees - including millennials.  


Why engage us?

  When we say honest we mean it. OK – so this may lead to shorter engagements in some cases, but for us integrity is everything. We believe that it’s important to make authentic human connections that enable us to speak truth to power. We believe that everyone has a story and that goes for the CEO as well as the front line worker, and they are all important to hear and consider.   

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